So on Thursday I had

So on Thursday I had an interview with Digital Harbor. The interview seemed to go prettty well. I met with 4 different people. The first interviewer was another one of the team leads. That interview went okay, though I wasn’t too familiar with some of the technical questions he asked. Next was the guy who had interviewed me on the phone (he would be my supervisor in this position.) That went decently. The discussions with the next two folk went very well. The last guy I spoke too indicated that from what he’d heard things had gone well overall. I should here from them sometime today. If they’re still interested then the next step is an interview with the CEO.

The company does research and development for the federal government. They’re hoping to take the technologies they’ve developed and release them as commercial products. The people seemed great, the benefits are good and the position would be challenging and interesting for me. The commute was about 20 minutes,so that’s not too bad either. 3 weeks vacation, 10 sick days, 100% tuition reimbursement for job-related courses. I think I’d start work on an MBA or a master’s in computer science given the opportunity.

If this doesn’t come through then I’m going to have to start busting my behind to find a job. I still have 5 weeks left at the Fool, but I’m going to get nervous if we’re down to 3 weeks without a job lined up.

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