Valentines Day ???

Well, I think we hit an all-time low this year for observance of this contrived, gretting-card-industry contrived holiday. When Heather and I were dating I made my feelings on the matter pretty clear, but nonetheless we try to do a little something every year. Maybe a nice dinner out or something like that. (I try to get away with not buying a card just to spite Hallmark and the like, but it’s tough.)

This year Heather order Impromptu Gourmet and we were just going to have a nice dinner in. Unfortunately I went home from work sick early in the evening and the meal didn’t get delivered. (I was sleeping through dinner-time anyway still not feeling well.) Heather did make chocolate-covered strawberries which were delicious, so the day didn’t go by entirely unheeded :-) The strawberries were delicious.

We figure we’ll give it a second try this weekend when we have my folks in town to babysit. Maybe we’ll get all crazy and go see a movie or something.

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