Puppy Bowl, Soup Bowl and Super(?) Bowl

Busy weekend! Saturday Joe and Kristina came by for lunch. We’ve haven’t seen them much since they moved out to MD, so it was fun to hang and catchup. I made some black bean soup, five herb salad, cornbread and later some brownies. Fiona liked the brownies :-)

Sunday afternoot Wendy (I think) called to tell us about Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. What a riot! Puppies running around in a kennel shaped and decorated like a football stadium, umpires who would throw yellow flags and clean up puppy droppings, and a camera at the bottom of one of the water bowls. I could have watched for hours. The DVD is only $10, I might have to order it.

Later that evening Ryan, Jenn, Sue, Tim, Christine and Ateles came over for the Super Bowl. Tim made chili and Jenn brought a mac-n-cheese casserole. Sue brought cookies for dessert. Mmm good. Oh ya, I guess there was a football game on. Go Patriots! (or whoever is playing philly.)

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