Busy busy busy. Christmas was a blur of driving, eating, gifts, and family. There was 2-3 feet of snow back in Ohio which made driving more interesting than usual. After a little practice Fiona got the hang of ripping wrapping paper off of packages and is now an unwrapping machine. This year was a little different because Dan, Cathy and Emily were on vacation in New Zealand – so Mom Stevens hosted dinner Christmas day for that side of the family.

Back in Virginia, New Year’s Eve was a laid back affair. We got some sandwiches and snacks from the store and just hung around the house. Jenn and Ryan stopped by for a while, and Tim and Christine managed to stay awake with us until midnight. Everyone was home and asleep by 12:30 I think. We’re getting old.

Speaking of old, my birthday was Monday. A bunch of folk joined us for dinner at Generous George’s then came back to the house for ice cream cake. Fiona loved walking around Generous George’s!

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