Doggie Water Bowl

Fiona has this fascination with the dog water bowl in our kitchen. She loves to squat beside it and wave her hands around in the water. If she has a utensil or toy that frequently get smacked into the water repeatedly. Once or twice she has tried to step into the water bowl too. This makes for a messy floor sometimes, but she has so much fun with it and it’s harmless so we don’t curtail it too much.

A few days ago I was in the living room with Fiona playing. She wandered around the corner towards the kitchen and I heard the water bowl being moved across the floor. Okay, I’ll give her a second before going in and fetching her.

A few seconds pass with no sound. Now I’m suspicious. I step around the corner and what do I see??

Fiona sitting in the water bowl. Butt submersed in water, letgs hanging out, unable to get up. :-)

She gives me a look that’s a some combination of toddler joy/surprise/fright/fascination/please-help-me-get-out. I think she weighed about 5 pounds heavier with all the water her diaper and outfit had soaked up.

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