Tale of the Shed, Part

Tale of the Shed, Part Deux

So I called Home Depot this morning and ordered the shed over the phone. Yay! Shed. Jason and the dads will have to pick it up tomorrow, which is just as well because they will have to get the accessories like shingles and whatnot, and also to get the stuff to build the floor.

I talked to a very nice man named Gary who has built this type of shed before. I told him that the future site for the shed is uneven and asked his advice on how to build the floor. He told me exactly what I needed and how to build the floor. I followed him until he started talking about cement, and asked him if he was working tomorrow so that Jason and the dads can get the real scoop instead of my garbled interpretation. Fortunately, he will be there.

The interesting part of this story should be Part III, Picking up Shed, and Building Shed.

Yay! Shed

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