Denville, NJ

Last weekend Heather, Fiona, Sailor, Maple and I piled into the Subarooroo and headed up to visit Tim, Christine and Ateles in Denville, NJ. They are getting ready to sell their place and move back to the DC area and we figured we should finally get up there to see their house sometime before they sell it.

We drove up Saturday morning and arrived just a few minutes before Eric, Toni and Sophia. We had never met Sophia before and Fiona had never met Eric and Toni before, so this was all big fun. It was very interesting to see the two girls side by side. They are about the same size and Fiona is a little further along in the walking department, but Sophia is noticeably farther along verbally.

Tim and Christine belong to the Rock Ridge Community Club (think country club with a lake instead of a gold course) so we all strolled down there except for Christine who took off to do some grocery shopping. The moms, girls and Eric hung out on the beach and then the playground while Tim, the dogs and I went around to Dog Point to let the pups do some retrieving. After a while we headed back up the hill (which had gotten quite steeper since we came down) to the house for some snacks, baby play-time and just hanging out. The Schreiber clan headed out home after a couple hours (Eric gets cranky if his normal bedtime routine is disturbed) and the rest of us just hung around the house watching TV, feasting on Tim cookout goodies and supervising the baby and dogs. That evening we headed to the Denville Dairy to partake in some amazingly good icecream. Mmmmmmm.

Sunday we headed back down to the lake to swim the dogs some more. We got some great pictures and video which I’ll put up sometime soon. Fiona did some wading and we got our first Naked Baby pictures of her for use in embarrassing her when she gets older.

Tim and Christine have a cute house and Denville seems like a great place. We’re sorry that they have to leave this place they like so much, but we can’t help being excited that they’re coming back to this area so we can see them more often.

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