Last weekend Heather, Fiona and I headed up for our annual trip to Brigantine, NJ, with Tim and Christine. We drove up Thursday afternoon and Tim and Christine came in Friday morning. Friday we spent a couple hours sitting down in the excellent martini bar just chatting. [Warning: their website plays music. I categorically hate all websites with a soundtrack.] Afterwards we played games and just hung out around the room all evening.

Saturday we took a long walk along the beach to have breakfast at the Pirate’s Den. The walk was Fiona’s first ever beach adventure and we had lots of fun chasing the seagulls, dipping our toes in the surf and walking in the wet sand. Saturday night we got subs from Sac O Subs and played more games.

Sunday we had breakfast at the restaurant downstairs, then Tim, Christine and Heather headed over to check out the new Casino in town, the Borgata. Fiona and I stayed in the room and napped. Before leaving Fiona visited the wading pool there at the timeshare and had fun splashing her feet in the water.

This was the fifth year we’ve met Tim and Christine up there. I hope we’re still doing this five years from now.

2 Responses to “Brigantine”

  1. Tim Says:

    Jason and Heather:

    What, no pictures of Fiona playing on the beach? I was looking forward to seeing the pics.

    Take care,


  2. Susan Says:

    I just checked out the martini bar web site because (even though I hate music on web pages too) I was drawn to hear what the music was. Their inspired choice of music makes we want to check this place out! (That and the fact that it is the only US martini bar to be endorsed by Rossi.)