Baby Chariot

Last year I got into a good routine of biking to work most days. Shorter days and the arrival of Fiona put an end to that quickly, but I’ve been wanting to reestablish that routine this summer in order to get some exercise. Problem is that I’m usually the one to take Fiona to daycare in the mornings, so I need some way of transporting her. I’ve been researching baby carts for a couple months and finally bought a used one this week.

It’s a Burley D’Lite. The trailer is built like a tank, can carry one or two kids, folds up to fit in car or storage and has room for carying a couple of bags behind the seat itself. I need to put a new chain on my bike and do a little other tuning next week before we go out for the maiden voyage. Fiona seems to like riding in strollers, etc, so I think she’ll tolerate the 5-10 minute ride from our house to daycare. I have high hopes that she’ll actually enjoy it enough that we can go for longer rides (15-30 minutes maybe) this summer just for fun.

One Response to “Baby Chariot”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Wow. You could tow Puck in that.