Tale of the Shed, Part

Tale of the Shed, Part I

Both sets of parents are coming into town tomorrow evening for the weekend. In addition to hauling all our wedding gifts down here from Ohio, the dads are going to put up a storage shed in the back yard. Yes, it’s not a coincidence that these two things are happening the same weekend :-)

I just spent several hours driving around northern Virginia trying to buy a shed. First to Lowe’s down on Rt. 1. Took a while looking around at their models to decide what I wanted. Pretty much decided on a Marco Regent, an 8′x8′ wooden model. However, after finally chasing down someone to help me at Lowe’s it turns out that they don’t carry any in stock right now – despite the sign on the front of the model that says “In Stock.” Grrrrrrrrr….

So I jumped in the car and drove to Home Depot out on S. Picket St. They also carry the Regent, also had a sign saying “In Stock”, and alas… also didn’t have one. Grrrrrrr….. Sales guy does mention that maybe the Springfield store would have some in stock.

So back in the car and down to the Springfield Home Depot (next to the mall.) They have several full-sized models built in the parking area, so I got to step inside several. Just reaffirmed by decision on the Regent (though a 10×10 shed would be nice too.) The cashier in the garden department paged someone to come help me. An older gentleman named Mike came over. Mike is like those employees in the Home Depot commercials: incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help. Mike checked inventory and said they didn’t have any in stock, but that that was strange because they usually keep several on hand this time of year. He did a lot of checking around and finally pulled up the inventories at other area Home Depots. Several in the area showed Regents in stock, so he called down to the Woodbridge store to make sure. After confirming they had a couple on hand Mike gave me directions on how to get down to the Woodbridge store.

The Springfield Home Depot will be the first place I shop for such stuff in the future, soley because of the great service I received. Too bad so many other retail establishments fail to understand value of good customer service.

I’ll be driving down to Woodbridge this evening probably and I’ll try to schedule delivery of the shed for Friday morning.

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